Pacific Oyster seed
(Crassostrea Gigas)

We supply pacific oyster (gigas) seed (both diploid and triploid) in a range of sizes. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pacific gigas oysters are one of the most popular mulluscs in the world and are widely harvested for food. They are small and sweet and have grown in popularity in both Europe and America. They account for more than 75% of Europe’s oyster production.

Native to the Pacific coast of Asia, they have become an introduced species in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The pacific oyster has a cup shaped rough shell which is usually whitish with purple streaks and spots with frills around its edge. It can reach over 250mm in length however market sized oysters for human consumption are usually around 100mm.


Pacific oysters are farmed in intensive sites in bags that are suspended off the seabed or seashore on metal trestles. Pacific oyster seed (both diploid and triploid) is produced in the hatchery and on-grown to different sizes.